Is anybody out there?

We are non-violent Syrian activists. Planet Syria is our campaign to engage people around the world in solidarity to stop the violence and extremism.
Read our statement and join us.

Why planet Syria?

Firstly, because we are treated as if we are from a different planet. We feel that we are asking for the same rights that everyone everywhere should have. We feel solidarity with those struggling for rights around the world, but our demands for freedom and democracy are treated by many as if they are completely alien and unrecognisable.

Secondly, because what started as our peaceful revolution has been turned by the Assad regime into the world’s war with more than 80 countries involved in the violence. It is now a proxy conflict between regional and international actors fuelling the fighting on all sides.

Finally, because to stop the violence and extremism we need truly global solidarity, where progressive activists around the world listen to what their Syrian counterparts are saying and stand in solidarity with us. We need that solidarity to help our voices and demands reach decision makers and those who currently have power over our lives.

What we want

There are extreme human rights violations in Syria today. More than 220,000 people have been killed, 10 million people - half the country - have been forced from their homes, hundreds of thousands of political prisoners have been detained and 640,000 are living under brutal sieges without regular access to food, water or medicines.

We want to campaign to stop all of that, but today we are asking for global solidarity to help achieve two things: (1) an end to the Assad regime’s barrel bombs and air strikes, and (2) negotiations between all Syrian groups and their international backers. (read full statement below).


Stop the bombs

Extremism breeds from injustice - the biggest killer of civilians in Syria today is the 'barrel bomb'. These are often old oil barrels filled with explosive and scrap metal and rolled out of government helicopters and planes miles up in the air onto hospitals, schools and homes.

The UN Security Council unanimously banned them a year ago. Nothing has changed since then - nearly 2,000 children have been killed since UN Resolution 2139 was signed on February 22, 2014.

Many of us were against foreign military intervention in Syria. But in September 2014 the US-led coalition started bombing Isis in our country. Now there is a deep hypocrisy to letting the Assad regime fly in the same airspace and kill civilians. Many more than are killed by Isis.

The international community must follow through on its demands and stop the regime’s barrel bombs and air attacks - even if that means with a 'no fly zone'.


real peace talks

There is no military solution to the conflict in Syria.

We need real peace talks to include all Syrian parties with the strong support of the international community.

No one side can unite Syria. It will require compromises from everyone involved and new leaders to build the future. Slowly, with the support of our real allies, we hope to reconnect with the tolerance and coexistence we have known for millennia and build a Syria better than before.

Statement and Syrian signers

Read our call to the world here
  • Ainmaa
  • Aleppo Revolutionary Union
  • Almada Cultural Center
  • Alnabaa Press
  • Amuda Youth Center
  • Arta for Communication and Solidarity
  • Ashti Center for Peace
  • Ashti Organization for Monitoring and Documentation
  • Aso Society for the Resistance of Violence Against Women in Syria
  • Association of Jaladat Baderkhan
  • Assyrian Youth Coordination Committees
  • Azaz Media Center
  • Azaz Youth Authority
  • Badael
  • Basmat Aml
  • Be Free
  • Bidayaat
  • Blossom Center
  • Build It Right
  • Center of Women in Qamishli
  • Chaouichka Association
  • Daa Basmatak
  • Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)
  • Dawlaty
  • Eridu Center for Civil Society and Democracy
  • Etana Syria
  • Evren Kurdish Women Organization
  • Fatiri Shbab Association
  • For you
  • Free Kurdish Women's Organization
  • Free Lawyers of Aleppo
  • Free Revolutionary Women of Daraa
  • Ghiras Project
  • Helen Association for Children
  • Insan Foundation
  • Intellectuals to Build Syria
  • Kurdish Intellectuals' Association
  • Kurdish Organisation for Human Rights in Syria
  • Kurdish Women's Union
  • Kurdish Women's Union - Syria
  • Lat Group for Art
  • Local Coordination Committee - Atareb and surrounding areas
  • Local Coordination Committee - Sheikh Hdid
  • Magic Caravan
  • Mandela House
  • Mazaya Center for Women
  • Mercy Association
  • Movement for Peaceful Revolution
  • Nabni
  • Najda Now
  • Nawroz Centre
  • Observatory for Monitoring and Evaluating Syrian Development
  • Office legal documentation in Hama
  • Raqeeb Human Rights Committee
  • RFS Media Office
  • Ronak
  • Sawa Youth Organization
  • SCSHR (Syrian Centre for Studies and Human Rights)
  • Sharmoula Group
  • Shining Tomorrow Centre
  • Slav Center for Civil Activities
  • Sonbola
  • Soryana Al Amal
  • Sound and Picture
  • SouriaLi
  • Sout Raya Radio
  • Spring Syrian Center for Development and Training and Qualification
  • Steer Association
  • Students and Youth Democratic Union of Kurdistan
  • Suryana
  • Syrian Civil Youth Organization
  • Syrian Network for Human Rights
  • Syrian Non-Violence Movement
  • Syrian Women for a Citizen's State Organization
  • Syrian Youth / COSV
  • Tel Abyad Forum for Civil Society
  • The Creative Memory
  • The Day After
  • Together for Amouda
  • Union of Free Syrian Sutdent
  • Violations Documentation Centre in Syria
  • VISION (RO'YA for a Better Tomorrow)
  • Women Now for Development
  • Women's Democracy Network
  • Youth Forum Organization
  • Zelal Centre for Arts
  • Anonymised for security reasons
  • Anonymised for security reasons - Deir Ezzor
  • Anonymised for security reasons - Deir Ezzor
  • Anonymised for security reasons - Deir Ezzor
  • Anonymised for security reasons - Idleb
  • Anonymised for security reasons - Daraa

International solidarity

We need international solidarity. If you're a member of any group or organisation (non-governmental and non-military) that is prepared to join our campaign, then please sign up here.

  • Adopt a Revolution
  • Aid 2 Syria - Pakistan
  • ARCI Amari
  • Avaaz
  • Bridge of Peace Syria
  • CANDLES Holocaust and Education Center
  • Carl Wilkens Fellowship
  • Citizen Diplomats for Syria e.V
  • EF International Academy
  • Freie Deutsch-Syrische Gesellschaft
  • GAIA SCI Kosovo
  • Globally United
  • Hellas
  • Hivos - Humanist Organisation for Cooperation with Developing Countries
  • Human Rights & Democracy Media Center - SHAMS/Palestine
  • I Know My Rights - IKMR
  • IFGD
  • International Alert
  • International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)
  • Irish Syria Solidarity Movement
  • Jesus Leprosy People Service Centre
  • Karam Foundation
  • Kennesaw State Student Union for Peace & Human Rights
  • Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND)
  • Merseyside Syria Solidarity Movement
  • Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies
  • Mosaic Inituitinve for Syria
  • Nigerian Women Trust Fund
  • North American Youth Section
  • Nyein/Shalom Foundation
  • Oxford for Syria
  • PAX
  • Pax Christi Britain
  • Pax Christi International
  • Potohar Mental Health Association (PMHA)
  • Rethink Rebuild Society
  • Stop Genocide Now
  • Students Organize for Syria
  • Synergy-Takamol
  • Syria Solidarity Movement UK
  • Syrian American Council
  • Syrian Christian For Peace
  • SyriaUntold
  • Syrien - was kann ich tun?
  • The Syria Campaign
  • Volunteers' Centre of Vojvodina SCI Serbia
  • Wake Up Genève

How we set this up

In December 2014 a group of Syrian and non-Syrian activists came together dismayed at the lack of efforts to stop the violence. We carried out an initial face-to-face survey of 277 prominent non-violent activists from across Syria to root our campaign in their demands. We then drafted a statement based on the findings from that survey and went back to Syrian groups asking them whether they would be prepared to add their names to the call. We make no claim to represent all Syrians or even all non-violent activists - it would be a ridiculous thing to do. But we have tried to follow a process that has more legitimacy than a policy position dreamed up by a faraway think tank, NGO or op-ed writer. We have all been challenged by this process but we remain convinced that genuine solidarity requires us all to listen to those like us who are living the reality on the ground. We hope you do too.